Knowing and Managing My Debt-to- Income

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Credit and Debt Management May is known as a transitional month where we experience a favorable change in the weather, spring cleaning an…

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About freshimpressionsdesign

Lyn M. Westhoff, President / Owner of Fresh Impressions, Ltd. has lived in major cities around the country, providing Interior design, Redesign and Staging services for over twenty years; Her background is in home improvements (interior design, landscaping, home staging, office administration and marketing, but her passion is to create positive spaces for people ! Many times she has been referred to as “Positive Polly”… and truly considers that a compliment – because life IS what you make it! She has always been a creative, frugal, highly-energetic person with a passion for rearranging, redoing, renewing, and decluttering. One of her favorite saying’s is that Life is stressful enough…… decorating your home shouldn’t be!©
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